Helpful tips for Food Truck Stops

The food truck scene is growing fast, worldwide. These aren’t the typical ‘roach coaches’ we’ve seen in the past. Today’s food trucks offer everything from lobster bisque to various selections of Creme brûlée. There are even beverage carts strictly dedicated to beer, tea, coffee, you name it, there’s probably a truck or cart for it. Here are a few of what I would consider helpful tips for visit a food truck event.

  • Make a day of it

Bring the whole family or make it a day out with friends. Plan accordingly for possible weather changes. Depending on the location, you may want to bring a blanket or a lawn chair. Sometimes the host of these events will have live entertainment.

  • Get there early
Remember, unlike most restaurants food trucks don’t have a lot of storage space. Trucks generally have a limited supply of food available. Some of the popular items sell out before the end of the event. Getting there early almost insures the best selection.
  • Look first
Unless you’re looking for your favorite vendor, visit each food truck first before making any selections. Check out each menu and the prices. Look for recommendations and specials. Pay attention to each of the trucks and the items other customers seem to be the most interested in.
Ask Questions
Don’t be afraid to ask the food vendors questions like; what do they recommend, what’s their most popular menu item or which ones their favorite.
You could even ask other attendees were they got their selections and if they’re enjoying it.
  • Get Connected
Be sure to check out Off The Grid’s website for a current listing of dates and locations of their pop up events. They even have a app to help you stay up to date on events and the trucks that will be participating.
  • Become a “Truckee”
It’s likely you are going to fall in love with at least one of your selections. Be sure to follow your favorite vendors on their social media pages to stay updated on where they will be next. Some food truck vendors will even offer secret menu items and specials just for those that follow their page.
First published here: Helpful tips for Food Truck Stops