Barbecue Catering for Different School & University Events

Are You Looking For Food Truck Catering For a Campus Event?

When it comes to any university and school event, professional catering companies can bring a wide array of foodstuff, beverages, and other delectable items for students, faculty, and guests to devour and enjoy. Aside from providing excellent meals, you can expect food truck catering companies like Q Up BBQ to provide exceptional customer service as well.


Casual Events Call for Casual Barbecue Catering Services

There are quite a number of school and university events that are casual in nature thereby calling for casual food services to be offered to the people in attendance. Usually, the food items offered during these events are categorized as quick sit-downs or grab-and-gos. A majority of the available food products are easy to prepare, easy to eat, and sometimes, quick to eat as well.

Sandwiches, soup cups, salad bowls, and the like are rather common. As for Q Up BBQ, we make the experience even more special by offering our delectable barbecue plates that you will not find elsewhere. Aside from the type of food being served, you can also expect caterers to work with minimalist setups. In some cases, tables and chairs may be limited with people comfortably eating their meals while standing up or sitting by the bleachers.

Here are some of the school and university events that welcome casual barbecue catering services:

  • Inter-school basketball games
  • Inter-school football games
  • Multi-event sports fests
  • Carnivals or fairs
  • Miscellaneous parades
  • Fundraising events
  • Open house (before the start of the school year)
  • Parent-teacher-student functions

Depending on the venue, schools and universities also have the ability to enjoy both inside and outside food catering. For example, if the venue is a conference hall or auditorium then Q Up BBQ can set up food stations within the school premises.

The beauty of this is that there is no need for school officials to worry as all of the preparations and cooking will be done outside, on the catering company’s food truck. This means that there is minimal cleanup necessary. There is also no need to infiltrate the cafeteria to get a hand on various cooking equipment.

For venues that are outside the school building, it is possible for Q Up BBQ to either set up our food truck to enable customers to directly get their meals from or set up stations for service. Regardless of the need, our barbecue catering company will be able to accommodate it.


Formal Food Catering Services for Formal School Events

Schools and universities also hold a series of formal events during the calendar year. Here are some of the formal events where reliable barbecue catering may also be needed:

  • School year welcoming ceremony
  • Prom
  • Ball
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Student exhibitions
  • Musicals and plays

These are events that require a gourmet meal that can be enjoyed in a seated setting. Aside from having plates directly delivered to each table and guest, these events may also call for buffet-style setups if necessary and this is where Q Up BBQ can be a big help.

Whatever school event it is that you need delicious fare for, do consider teaming up with Q Up! BBQ catering for some of the best food experiences possible.

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Author: Q UP! BBQ

Q UP! BBQ started as a dream, a vision if you will, of a man who wanted to bring amazing food to the people of AZ, the way he likes to eat! A chef and foodie at heart, the owner of Q UP! BBQ wanted to share his passion & love for food with everyone. Bringing Good serving size, reasonable prices, and the freshest, most tasty ingredients available! So the journey started in Miami, the Q UP! wagon was discovered, then started on a 5 day road trip from Miami to Phoenix. The truck made it back to Phoenix in December of 2011, and it's debut was 12/31/2011. Since opening, the company has had many great write up's from the AZ republic, Chowbella Food Blog, Fox 10, CBS 5, AZ central, and even won some awards. Q UP strives to be the best BBQ in Arizona!

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